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The Corbomite Maneuver

May 4, 2011

It appears that this blog is going to take on a Star Trek theme. I’m not sure why but I’m sure it will die out over time. As in the “Corbomite Maneuver“, today I was menaced by a gigantic alien ship (WordPress) whose commander condemns the crew to death. The alien ship appears to be all-powerful as the alien commander refuses any attempts at negotiation, forcing Michael to employ an unorthodox strategy to save the day. Basically this is what it’s like trying to navigate around WordPress and the PHP code. Someone took the two of then and mashed them together leaving you with a bunch of proprietary functions and classes where you’re left to figure out how the whole system works.

Through a combination of looking at the PHP code and playing around in the Admin, I’ve successfully figured our how homepage content is controlled, created and destroyed. WooHoo! Today was also a day at HR for handing in my paperwork. The good news, I’ll get paid. The bad news, I have to wait three weeks to get my first paycheck.

Chipotle Chicken Basket

Chipotle Chicken Basket

Lunch was Chipotle today and Adam showed off his wonderful espresso making capabilities in his office. Who else do you know that would have his own personal espresso machine in an office. It does smell nice in there though as the caffeine floats mysteriously throughout the halls of CBS. He’s probably the only person the people look forward to having a meeting with.

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