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This Side of Paradise

May 13, 2011

As a huge ice hockey fan and one that has been playing the sport for over 15 years, I wound up playing two games in one week. One on Tuesday and one last night into today. It’s what I call . . . the true meaning of midnight hockey. You start at 11pm and don’t finish till 12:30am. (Technically, the next day). By the time you take off all the equipment and get home, it’s already 1:30am and almost impossible to not wake-up the wife, especially with sticks and a bag full of hockey gear being dragged into the house. I feel bad doing that to her but I believe she knows how much I love playing the game and she hopefully agrees that it’s a good form of exercise. Every time I step onto the ice to play, I always assume this is going to be my last chance to play. Play hard, play competitive and never get lazy on your team! All it takes is one guy crashing into you, or someone taking a slap-shot and hitting you in the head, or worse, someone falling on you and twisting your knee which will end my hockey playing career. You have to love and respect the sport and not every person out there gets it.

Now as part of my standard practice, it’s on to lunch talk. Ever since I left the old NBC crowd, I’ve lost the pleasures of eating some international foods, especially Indian food with my friends Akash, Nidhi and Vikesh. Thanks to them, I have had the pleasures of enjoying delicious and wonderfully tasting curries that are home made. Now that I am over at CBS, I’ve been looking for something similar and once again, mission accomplished. As you can see, this was my lunch today and it was quite tasty. The food was ordered from Brick Lane Curry House on 53rd street and 2nd Avenue. I would definitely recommend it and someone from our office even ordered Phaal which is supposed to be one of the spiciest curries to order. I had a small taste with rice and wow is it hot! The site has a nice video of it being made. It’s so powerful that the kitchen chef has to wear a breathing mask as the fumes and smoke from adding all the spices will cause him to choke and cough. Crazy right!? Well that’s a wrap for today. This weekend I look to relax and recover from my late night hockey games. Well maybe not. I still want to play a little golf with my wife . . . and yes she quit good.

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