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May 16, 2011

Now it’s my turn to tell a tale. [For those of you who don’t know Star Trek, the titles of the posts are in someway related to the days events. With only 79 episodes, this will come to an end eventually]. So here I am, a typical New Yorker looking to get his morning breakfast to start the day. I walk into the corner Europa Cafe and decide on a toasted corn muffin w/ butter which I hadn’t had in years. I start to get a little reminiscent about my Healthology days as this was a popular breakfast treat that I ordered often from the PAX located across the street. Don’t misunderstand me, I’ve had muffins throughout the years but never a nice and toasty warm corn muffin. It’s rare to get this done right in New York as the places I’ve gone to hate to toast them. It either messes up their grill or creates a mess for the person preparing it as it crumbles apart when they butter it.

The prized "Toasted Corn Muffin"

So where is this all leading too, have patience I’m getting to it. So, on this rainy morning I dart into the Europa Cafe and set my sights on a corn muffin. As I’m waiting to place my order with the grill chef, one of the women from the cash register come over and ask if my order was taken, This strikes me as rather strange as the grill and cash registers are not close to each other. Regardless, I order a corn muffin and she replies, “You want it toasted with butter?” Amazing, she knows exactly what I wanted. This is great! Finally a place that is willing to heat up my muffins! It’s been ages.

Now as I approach the register with my muffin she rings me up and then hits me with something that totally catches me off guard. She says “I remember you. You are from my old store downtown.” My mind is trying to piece this together as fast as possible. Remember, it’s the morning, I’m on an empty stomach, it’s wet and miserable outside and I have a cashier telling me that they remember me. What is happening!? I’m not ready for this. What do I do? To be safe, I give the polite “Wow, that’s amazing you have a good memory.” She then gives me a reply “As soon as you came in I recognized you it’s been a long time. Here you are. Have good day.”

Dazed and confused I walk out of the store and try to piece together what just happened. I’m happy to say and it’s evident through this long blog post that I have finally figured it all out! While at Healthology from 2001-2005 I used to go to PAX and order my muffins. This is the same woman that used to work at that store and take my order over 6 years ago. To put this into perspective, there are literally millions of people in Manhattan and there are hundreds of people going in and out of a PAX store every day in minutes! Six years has passed and the cashier remembers me and the breakfast I order? I’m speechless and flabbergasted but obviously it’s worth writing about.

Blue 9 Burger on 9th Ave & 53rd

Now for lunch. The name of the place is Blue 9 Burger. It may not look fancy from the outside but the burgers tasted great. Originally the guys at the office wanted to order from which serves ostrich burgers but due to them being over 20 blocks away from us and over 5 avenues, they didn’t want to deliveries to us. Thank goodness because the place we chose as out backup was probably just a good and a heck of a lot cheaper. For $7 you get two fresh, moist beef patties that actually had flavor. Real lettuce, tomatoes, onions and french fries that are extra crispy. This would blow away any McDonald’s or Burger King. The one thing that annoys we with BK and McD, is that what they SHOW you in all their pictures and menu-boards is NOT what you get. You see these beautiful delicious burgers in the photos but what you really get is mass produced, tasteless food the is crushed and looks nothing like their photos.

To describe what a Blue 9 burger looks and tastes like would be taking those BK and McD photos and actually putting the real thing on your plate to eat. Another thumbs up for today’s lunch. The mystery for what lies ahead tonight is diner as my wife is not home (and will not be for quiet a few days due to her trip to Norway) The problem is, I’ve become very dependent on her cooking diner for me so it’s going to be interesting the next few days. Wish me luck.

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